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The Latest Skin treatments in the beauty industry!

  • Fibroblast/Plasma Pen: A non-surgical lift
  • Low-Level Cold Laser Treatment: A safe, effective treatment for skin conditions
Skin Care Treatments

by joyce at Zero limits

Skin care treatments

Fibroblast/Plasma Pen

Fibroblast/Plasma Pen

A non-surgical Lift

Some of the areas of treatment: * Lip * Eyes * Jowl * Forehead * Frown line * Mouth * Neck * Crow’s feet * Tags * Sunspots * Resurfacing * and much more!

low level cold laser skin care

Low-Level Cold Laser Treatment

A safe, effective treatment for skin conditions

Some of the skin conditions that are treated* Acne * Rosacea * Scaring * Psoriasis * Eczema * Sunburn * Inflammation * Fungus * and much more!

About Joyce

I am from Brooklyn, NY. I graduated from a vocational high school where I studied Cosmetology, specializing in hair, skin, and nails. I started my career as a cosmetologist in Brooklyn, and then moved to Redondo Beach, CA a few years later. After opening two salons and working as a cosmetologist in Redondo Beach for many years, I arrived at the time in my life that required a career change. Along came the birth of aesthetics, and it immediately got my attention.
So off I went into the very beginnings of skin care. With no products or equipment and not one client, I grew from infancy to adulthood as a skin care expert, adding along the way to my knowledge with seminars, workshops, aesthetic conventions, and the best in services and products; new and old. The exciting changes in the profession have been stimulating and amazing, allowing me to offer my clients a variety of services including facials, chemical peels, micro-dermabrasion, cosmetic tattooing, electrolysis, LED light therapy, face and body toning and contouring, removal of skin tags, cauterizing broken capillaries, organic plant based skin care products, and so much more.
After working 38 years in Fullerton, I moved to Sacramento where I now specialize in the newest and latest treatments: The Fibroblast/Plasma Pen and the Cold Low-Level Laser. These treatments will be the answer to your many needs and help you love wearing your face again! A complimentary consultation is recommended.